This software allow you to index any kind of patch (Kontakt, REX, WAV, AIFF) from your favorites audio libraries.


  • Wallpaper editor with 3 layers and shadow masking
  • 20 tags to organize your libraries
  • Audio preview of REX, WAV and AIFF
  • Preview in sync with your VST Host
  • MIDI Triggering for audio preview
  • Can run in standalone or VST
  • Extract Geist patterns from any REX file
  • Available in 64 bits and 32 bits
  • Complete tagging system for patches
  • Popular tag databases import: Mediabay, STEAM, Alchemy and Kontakt tags
  • Auto-tagging Plugins in C# scripts, .NET assemblies or native DLL


- Microsoft .NET runtime 4 (complete, not the client profile)

UserGuideV1.6 (pdf)


Spectrogram display for audio files (REX,AIFF,WAV)

Database plugins: STEAM, Alchemy, Mediabay, Kontakt

VST can be resized

Setup remember VST folders


MIDI Triggering for audio preview with Passthrough

Patch search is much more responsive

Wrong parsing in INI fixed for tempo like 96.01 or 96,01


MIDI Triggering for audio preview


Mediabay and Kontakt compatibility improvements

SampleTagger Plugin: extract all metadata from AIFF,WAV and REX


Allow library relocation

Libraries tagging fixes

Empty audio buffers after playing without loop

Allow patches with . at the begining

Allow MIDI patches inside kontakt libraries

UniversalPatchFinder 1.2.1

Fix a bug in refresh library content duplicating all patches

UniversalPatchFinder 1.2.0

Complete tagging system

Gui refresh fixes

UniversalPatchFinder 1.1

Preview was not disabled on Kontakt patches


See audio spectrums and attribute manager in action

MIDI Triggering with passthrough under Studio One

MIDI Triggering with passthrough under Ableton Live

MIDI Triggering

How to tag your audio libraries:

How to tag your patches:

How to rename your tags:

How to create custom wallpapers: