MIDI Doodle is intended to send polar coordinate from any X/Y midi device to Spectrasonics Omnisphere Orb controller.

Because Omnisphere Orb interpret only polar coordinates, it is nearly impossible to use it with a regular MIDI Controller like Korg NanoPad or Vestax Pad One.


- Any virtual MIDI cable like: MIDIYoke, loopMIDI

- Microsoft .NET runtime 4

How to use:

1. Configure your MIDI device to send one MIDI CC for X and another for Y. Let’s say X = 91 Y = 92.

2. Set theses values in MIDI Doodle GUI.

3. Choose the right input device and select any virtual cable for output, Let’s say “MIDI Yoke 01″ then click on Start button.

4. In your DAW make sure Omnisphere will receive data from “MIDI Yoke 01″.

6. In Omnisphere go to Orb screen and select MIDI Learn for Radius, then hit the button “Send X/Radius” in MIDI Doodle.

7. In Omnisphere Orb screen switch to Angle and select MIDI Learn, then hit the button “Send Y/Angle” in MIDI Doodle.

8. Have fun !

Other settings:

- You can restrict the conversion to a specific channel. Usefull if your controller can send multiple X/Y data on several channels (like Pad One).

- You can make the window always on top.

- All incoming MIDI messages can be monitored in the window.

- You can also use the mouse to send data.

Download MIDI Doodle v1.0